"When I first met with Markus I was studying to complete an M.A.   I was under a lot of pressure at the time.   Over the course of my studies Markus was a tremendous support, helped me identify and build on my strengths and helped me deal with many personal issues.

His gentle, intuitive, supportive approach allowed me unravel many unconscious internal barriers I had constructed for survival.   These had become an impediment to my development and were no longer helpful.   No matter how much pressure I felt within myself  going into a session, I always left feeling enlightened, understood and accepted without judgement.    Throughout my experience I was treated with respect and dignity.   I felt valued as a person and as a consequence was able to put more value on myself." 


"I found Markus to be an attentive, supportive therapist. Possessing a solid balance between gentleness and strength, he was able to hold space for me while I worked through vulnerable and painful issues while also giving me clear suggestions and guidance for how to empower myself and support myself through the difficult aspects of life."  


"I recommend Markus as an excellent therapist who helped me in my journey through life.

Marie Therese O'Brien. 

 “I tried many therapies including counselling over the years without getting anywhere. When I came to see Markus in 2011, he helped me to sort myself out. It was a slow and difficult journey but I stuck to it.

I was abused as a child and found it difficult to trust anyone. I never really felt safe. Often I felt anxious and depressed, shut down, other times panicky.

Markus was sensitive and supportive. He helped me to make sense of my feelings and symptoms. I was able to overcome guilt and shame (almost). He was a beacon guiding me to myself.”  


I can wholeheartedly recommend Markus as a psychotherapist who is sensitive, intuitive and creative.

He has a deep understanding of working with trauma and its impact. He is an excellent Biodynamic practitioner.

H.M. 16/1/2017.