"For years, I battled depression and self-loathing, stemming from a traumatic childhood. Countless therapy sessions proved unhelpful until I met Markus. His specialization in childhood trauma was a breath of fresh air. He understood the specific challenges faced by survivors and possessed a deep empathy for the pain I carried. His expertise in EMDR therapy helped me safely process traumatic memories, while his gentle and encouraging nature provided much-needed support. Over time, the darkness began to lift. With Markus' guidance, I was able to rewrite my internal narrative and develop a more positive self-image. He empowered me to embrace the future with a sense of hope and resilience. Markus is a beacon of hope for those struggling with the effects of complex trauma." - Anonymous

"As a survivor of childhood sexual abuse, I felt utterly broken when I first came to Markus. His expertise in complex trauma was evident from the start. He created a safe and empowering space, allowing me to explore the buried pain and its impact on my life. His gentle guidance and deep understanding of trauma helped me identify unconscious defense mechanisms hindering my growth. Through this process, I began to dismantle those walls and reconnect with my authentic self. It wasn't easy, but with Markus' support, I slowly unearthed buried emotions and learned healthy coping mechanisms. Today, I lead a far more fulfilling life, free from the constant shadow of past trauma. Markus' skill in navigating the complexities of childhood trauma is truly remarkable." - Sarah T.

"For years, I struggled with chronic back pain, which significantly impacted my daily life. Traditional medicine offered minimal relief, leaving me feeling frustrated and hopeless. A friend recommended Markus, who took a holistic approach to my treatment. He explored the emotional aspects of pain and helped me connect the dots between my emotional state and physical symptoms. Through a combination of talk therapy and bodywork techniques, Markus helped me address the underlying emotional distress that was contributing to the pain. Over time, I learned valuable stress management tools and developed a kinder relationship with my body. While the pain hasn't completely disappeared, it's become much more manageable. More importantly, I feel empowered to handle emotional challenges in a healthier way, leading to a significant improvement in my overall well-being." - Lisa R.

"Facing a major career change at midlife filled me with anxiety and self-doubt. The fear of the unknown was paralyzing. Markus became my anchor during this turbulent time. He listened patiently as I expressed my anxieties and helped me identify my core strengths and values. Through insightful exercises and open discussions, he empowered me to believe in myself and my capabilities. With his support, I developed a clear vision for my future career path. Markus not only equipped me with strategies to overcome my self-doubt but also celebrated my small wins throughout the process. Today, I'm confidently embarking on this new chapter, feeling excited and well-prepared. Markus' guidance was instrumental in helping me navigate this significant life change."  D. M.

"My childhood was riddled with neglect and emotional abuse. As an adult, I struggled with crippling anxiety and an inability to form healthy attachments. Working with Markus was transformative. His knowledge of attachment theory and trauma-informed therapy techniques provided a much-needed framework for healing. He helped me understand the roots of my anxiety and taught me skills to regulate my emotions. More importantly, he fostered a sense of safety and compassion that allowed me to gradually rebuild trust in myself and others. Markus' expertise in complex trauma gave me the tools to navigate the long road of recovery. Today, I have a far more secure sense of self and am building healthy, supportive relationships for the first time in my life." - P. O'C.

"When I first met with Markus I was studying to complete an M.A.   I was under a lot of pressure at the time.   Over the course of my studies Markus was a tremendous support, helped me identify and build on my strengths and helped me deal with many personal issues.

His gentle, intuitive, supportive approach allowed me unravel many unconscious internal barriers I had constructed for survival.   These had become an impediment to my development and were no longer helpful.   No matter how much pressure I felt within myself  going into a session, I always left feeling enlightened, understood and accepted without judgement.    Throughout my experience I was treated with respect and dignity.   I felt valued as a person and as a consequence was able to put more value on myself." 


"I found Markus to be an attentive, supportive therapist. Possessing a solid balance between gentleness and strength, he was able to hold space for me while I worked through vulnerable and painful issues while also giving me clear suggestions and guidance for how to empower myself and support myself through the difficult aspects of life."  


"I recommend Markus as an excellent therapist who helped me in my journey through life.

Marie Therese O'Brien. 

 “I tried many therapies including counselling over the years without getting anywhere. When I came to see Markus in 2011, he helped me to sort myself out. It was a slow and difficult journey but I stuck to it.

I was abused as a child and found it difficult to trust anyone. I never really felt safe. Often I felt anxious and depressed, shut down, other times panicky.

Markus was sensitive and supportive. He helped me to make sense of my feelings and symptoms. I was able to overcome guilt and shame (almost). He was a beacon guiding me to myself.”  


I can wholeheartedly recommend Markus as a psychotherapist who is sensitive, intuitive and creative.

He has a deep understanding of working with trauma and its impact. He is an excellent Biodynamic practitioner.

H.M. 16/1/2017.